Eric Moody

Constructed Images



This web-site presents a representative selection of art work produced by Eric Moody over forty years. All the images, even those of works on paper or canvas, are of sculptural objects which together explore a diversity of social, psychological and topographical subjects using real three dimensional forms, texture and colour. The majority are domestic in scale and are intended to be displayed on interior walls although some are free standing and can be exhibited outside.


The works and many others not illustrated are available on loan for public or private gallery exhibitions. They are also available for purchase by public or private institutions or individuals. The artist is willing to respond to commissions or projects on any subject which may utilize or relate to his way of working and his genre of work---Coloured Construction.


Eric Moody is also a published writer, experienced educationalist and exhibition curator with international experience and reputation who will respond positively to collaborative as well as individual projects which require the involvement of an artist/teacher/writer/curator.