Eric Moody

Constructed Images


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My task is to make meaningful objects; an activity which is located in that area of human endeavour known as art or, more specifically, that fruitful hybrid area, between the two plastic arts, sculpture and painting.

The meaning I seek, in making and after in contemplation, by myself and others, concerns experience; experience of day-by-day existence, the world of ideas and, of course, my experience of my chosen area of work, art.

1976, “Between Sculpture and Painting”, Kettles Yard, Cambridge.


Cubism has provided us with a potent vocabulary which has remained, in my opinion, underused although formally full exploited. Arte Povera has led to an aspect of “A New Spirit in Painting.” A more genuinely “new spirit” might be found in coloured construction utilizing the innovatory language of cubism and the freedom of Arte Povera, or so it would seem to me as a practitioner.

1982, “Coloured Constructions”, Ikon Gallery,Birmingham.


Ready-made and constructed elements have been assembled and worked over with oil paint and/or other media to produce what I consider to be useful objects. Objects which help me confirm my relationship to my environment. As you can see I recycle furniture, architecture and tools to achieve this end. You might find the titles useful but they are only optional guides.

1985, “Constructed Images”, The Crawford Centre for the Arts, University of St.Andrews.


Visitors are invited to compare the buildings, which can be seen from this new penthouse gallery, with the sculpture and wall mounted constructions by Eric Moody on display in our current exhibition “Reconstituted in the City.”

1995, “Reconstituted in the City,” 77, Cornhill, London.


Over the years I have developed a focus on the material evidence of the interaction between city dwellers and their built environment.

2001, “London Underground,” Sungkok Art Museum,Seoul, South Korea.


One critic writing in the architectural press once called me an ‘archaeologist of the recent past’ while another called me a ‘cock-eyed alchemist.’ Both appellations seem wholly appropriate……….

2003, London Group:Visual Art Since 1913 (Ed.) Jane Humphrey.


Although I occasionally produce finished and independent drawings more often I use drawing as a form of visual notation to process and refine a steady stream of ideas and images…………..

2009, “Drawing: act and artefact,” The Morley Gallery/ London Group,London.


Pavement Poetry. Convalescing from a close encounter with the Grim Reaper I have been obliged to work on a small scale using objects found on my rehab walks combined with paint on canvas to make surreal visual poetry of the street.

Norfolk Contemporary Art 2010 ,The Forum, Norwich.